ESSA Coaches

Sage ESSA Exercise Scientists and Exercise Physiologists are degree qualified and can provide services for:

  • Community health (outpatient programs, public health initiatives)
  • Community fitness (prevention of chronic conditions, skill based fitness programs)
  • Corporate health (health checks, education, occupational rehab)
  • Chronic conditions (management of them, learning lifestyle changes and finally rehabilitation)
  • Aged Care (maintaining mobility and activities of daily living)
  • Athletes (sport & high performance)
  • Research (physical activity & exercise)
  • Education (health & well-being, physical activity advice

Sage ESSA Coaches are made up of:

Accredited Exercise Physiologists

Specialise in clinical exercise prescription for the management of chronic conditions

Accredited Exercise Scientists

Specialise in exercise prescription for health and fitness, wellbeing, performance and prevention of chronic conditions