Sage Active: A wiser way to train for fitness for every age

Today, thousands of Australians seek out the services of a personal trainer because they want to get fit, lose weight, get nutritional and dietary advice, and improve their overall well-being without the risk of injury. There’s just one problem – the average PT out there isn’t qualified to provide all of this.

That’s right, a PT is qualified to prescribe exercises only, and that’s why the demand for ESSA accredited coaches (Exercise Physiologists and Scientists) is greater than ever before.

At Sage Active, we have Exercise Physiologists and Exercise Scientists  to meet a wider range of needs for our clients. It gives our clients the peace of mind that tertiary qualified professionals, who have a greater understanding of their exercise needs and nutritional requirements, are always on hand to assist. This is what sets us apart and above from your average gym or personal training studio.

Exercise and nutrition – you just can’t have one without the other

The combined benefits of exercise and nutrition are widely documented and have repeatedly proven to help with superior levels of fitness and weight loss programs. Adequate nutrition is universally accepted as a part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Combined with physical activity, the correct nutritional plan can help individuals reach and maintain a healthy weight, reduce the risk of chronic diseases (like heart disease and cancer), and promote overall health and well being. It’s also the secret to every athlete’s success in achieving the performance they desire on game day. Is it any wonder that leaders in the fitness profession are demanding better qualified graduates who understand more about nutrition and its vital importance in any client’s fitness program?

Nutritional education

Sage Active ESSA accredited coaches have learnt from years of study how to screen you the client, assess your needs and body composition, using world leading technology also plan safe nutritional plans for you. Your Sage Active Coach can monitor you and provide expert advice, valuable support and motivation for you to reach your health goals through a combination of healthy eating and exercise. Your Sage Active Coach will work with your health professionals to also provide support when a client has conditions such as food allergies, cancer, diabetes and gastrointestinal diseases.

Here’s an example of the type of nutrition planning and advice you might receive at Sage Active:

  • Weight increase or loss plan
  • Suggested meal plans
  • Recovery nutrition
  • Recommendations on supplements
  • Bodybuilding plan
  • Increased training nutrition plan
  • Nutrition required for specific sporting activities

Creating a nutrition plan – what’s involved?

So, now you know what advice you might need, let’s have a look at the main steps in the nutrition planning process:

STEP 1: Determine the client’s needs

Creating a nutrition plan – what’s involved? - Sage Institute of Fitness


Preliminary health and body composition screens are undertaken and you are consulted about your fitness goals in order to determine the most suitable type of nutrition plan. Is your primary goal to lose weight and shape-up? Or are you looking to build muscle, or train for a specific athletic event? The goals will help determine the type of plan that is developed, as will other factors such as body composition, current health status and exercise levels.

STEP 2: Develop and communicate the nutritional plan 
Once you our Sage Active client’s needs are established an individually tailored nutrition plan can be put together. This will typically involve determining the recommended daily calorific intake in accordance with Australian dietary guidelines and designing the individual’s meal plans, including balance of food groups and recommended portions for each sitting. The plan is discussed with you to ensure that any preferences and issues are addressed.

STEP 3: Support and monitor the client to achieve their nutritional plan goals
The Sage Active Coach also plays a vital role in keeping you on track with the nutrition plan by keeping the client motivated while promoting healthy physical and mental behaviours.  Our Sage Active coaches monitor your progress with regular meetings, responding to concerns and questions and adjusting the plan as required.

With this level of nutritional knowledge and skill at Sage Active, the client in enabled to connect the dots together between their present state and to where they want to be with their fitness, health and well-being. The Sage Active Coaches are there with the client every step of the way to help them succeed in their fitness, health and nutritional goals.

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