Our Services

Everyone knows they should eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly, but this is not something that is always easily achieved.

Sage Active programs will assist you to lose weight, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions including injury, (sore backs can be a thing of the past). These programs will enhance your endurance and state of mind.

Our Personal Training or Group Exercise classes are led by Sage Exercise Scientists or Exercise Physiologists, who have studied for years to obtain university qualifications. The Sage Active coaching sessions are backed by scientific and medical research with your progress laid out in regular easy to read progress reports.

Your confidence in your body and its capabilities will be restored, improving your wellbeing and social capability.

Sage Active progress reports provide a way to monitor the effectiveness of your training. Understanding your current physical capabilities, allows the Sage ESSA accredited coaches to prescribe the right exercises for you at the right frequency and intensity.

Our reports are produced by state of the art equipment and lead by our highly qualified staff, so you know what you are getting is relevant and accurate.

Our protocols include:

Body Composition Scanning

Body composition refers to an individual’s different body components made up of water, fat, protein, muscle, bones and much more. At Sage Active we utilise the unique InBody 770 device, which is the premium body composition analyser. Trusted by top hospitals and used for medical research, patient monitoring, sports medicine and sports science.

A baseline of your body composition is established, followed by regular progress. These reports, will provide you with easy to read, visible and accurate results of how your body id shaping up with your workouts. It also allows the Sage Active coaches to monitor your progress, helping to make sure the workouts and exercises you are undertaking are getting you on your way to where you want to be.

Initial Balance Assessment

To ensure safety during your workouts, we have strict protocols in place allowing the Sage Active coaches to determine your readiness for certain movements. For example, if you have a physical restriction (e.g. your shoulders don’t have full range of motion) you may be at a higher risk of injury when performing certain exercises. With our clearance assessment we can ensure these risks will not occur, minimising any injury and pain. We are then able to tackle the restriction, providing you with the right tools to progress onto the more advanced exercises.

Initial Assessment

Balance is a crucial component that is very often overlooked, the assessment can tell us what is really going on with a person’s body. Poor balance may be a sign of low muscle strength and control, establishing a good level of balance can significantly reduce the risk of injury as well as improve your performance in your daily life. Your balance will be measured and included in your regular progress report data.


Often the day to day pain people go through, is related to poor joint and muscle range of motion. This in turn increases the chance of soft tissue injury, such as a muscle or ligament tear. It’s imperative that monitoring flexibility and range of motion is done for a better quality of life. Your flexibility data will be measured and included in your regular progress report data.

Cardiovascular Reports

Our heart is a vital organ, and so it should be treated as such. To maximise the benefits of exercise for your heart, we need to test our aerobic capacity, which is the measurement of your heart function. Having a strong and healthy heart is vital for people of all ages and will very likely prevent complications later in life. A higher aerobic capacity means better long-term health and physical performance. Our state of the art Watt bikes and Woodway treadmills are top of the range and they provide further data for your regular progress reports.

Strength Reports

Resistance or strength training is an essential part of fitness and health for all individuals. Building muscle is a priority for any weight loss goal, as increased muscle increases your metabolism and becoming stronger minimises workplace and lifestyle injuries.

All of these protocols are done under the personal supervision of our Sage Active ESSA coaches who have spent years studying to provide a safe and effective environment to improve your health and wellbeing.