What We Do



Everyone knows they should eat in a healthy way and exercise regularly – not something that is always easily achieved.

Sage Active programs will assist you to lose weight, prevent disease and manage chronic conditions including injury, (sorebacks can be a thing of the past). These programs will enhance endurance and your state of mind.

Your Personal Training or Group Exercise classes are led by Sage Exercise Scientists or Exercise Physiologists, who have studied for years to obtain university qualifications.

The Sage Active coaching sessions are backed by scientific and medical research with your progress laid out in easy to read progress reports.

Your confidence in your body and its capabilities will be restored, improving your well being and social capability.

Sage Active progress reports provide a way to monitor the effectiveness of your training. Understanding your current physical capabilities allows the Sage ESSA accredited coaches to prescribe the right exercise for you at the right intensity.

Our reports are produced by state of the art equipment and lead by our highly qualified staff, so you know what you are getting, is relevant and accurate.